Enhanced Surgical Safety & Organization

Enhanced safety for patients and staff (helps prevent OR fires and burns)
Supports uses in Open, Robotic, and Laparoscopic techniques for all specialties
Helps prevent dropped equipment, unintended device discharge and drape strikethrough
Ease of access and increased organization for the surgeon
Fully complies with operating room safety standards
Complies with AORN, FDA, and JCAHO recommendations to holster electrosurgical equipment

Cost Savings Through Safety

Pioneering a new concept in surgical holsters, the JET Multi-Instrument Safety Holster is the first holster designed to securely hold several electrosurgical instruments of varying sizes.

Created by a licensed, Board Certified surgeon, the JET Multi-Instrument Safety Holster provides a single, secure, and safe holster for all electrosurgical instruments. The innovative patent-pending design is centered on the safety of the patient and staff, and allows for efficient organization of the surgical equipment most frequently used.

The median payment to patients for OR fire claims is $120,166

Resources on JET Surgical Devices

JET Safety Holster Overview

JET Safety Holster Tutorial

Attaching the JET Safety Holster

"As the Vice President of Surgical and Trauma Services at a large multi-hospital system in Detroit, my number one concern is patient safety along with cost effectiveness of surgical procedures.  The JET Holster is a cost-effective solution to improved fire safety and overall organization of the surgical field.  The JET Holster is an innovative product to ensure the operating team is doing everything possible to provide a safe reduction in fire risk."

Tammie S., RN, BS, BSN, MHA, ONC

"I'm a Bariatric Surgeon and am always using long instruments. The Holster is great in holding these instruments close to the top of the patient where I can have easy access to them. Not worried about sterility or them falling off the field."

M. Sabir, MD, Bariatric Surgeon

"The JET safety holster is easy to use and helps organize multiple electrosurgical devices, including the laparoscope - a safe investment."

S. Silapaswan, MD, Attending Surgeon

"The JET Holster is ideal for safe placement of laparoscopic instruments when not being used. It's an appropriate holder for items that have a potential fire hazard. Also, it keeps things organized on the sterile field, preventing items from falling. Highly recommended!"

Lynne J., RN, Surgical Services Specialist General/Colo-Rectal
"A unique device to store all the accessories during laparoscopic and robotic surgeries. It not only prevents contamination or loss of instruments but also eliminates risk of fire hazards."

S. Patil, MD, Clinical Instructor, Liver and Pancreas Surgeon

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